Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What Pear Is This???

I took this to my local nursery and they thought maybe ussurian pear...but the internet says those are yucky tasting. These were DELICIOUS! (sweet yellow flesh).  About 1-2" in diameter.
The farmer selling them said the tree was on the property when they got there.  No idea what it is.  I need to quiz him about thorns/no-thorns and a few other things.  And I saved some seeds.  Hope to get them going.  I may send some to my god son and see if he can get them going.  Divide and conquer.

Flavor: Sweet like candy (that said, I've been avoiding added sugar so may not taste as sweet to someone who just drank a pepsi and had cap'n crunch for breakfast).  Mealy but not very mealy.  Pale yellow flesh, not white. Most of them had a pink blush on one side.  some did not.  Didn't keep long.  Ripened over 2-3 days. 


Anonymous said...

I believe it's a seckel pear.......I posted on the dollar stretcher as well.

Laura705 said...

Love the tiny food. Coming across any tiny apples?

Laura said...

I love the tiny fruits! Any tiny apples?

Jill said...

I need to see some real life confirmed sekel pears to compare. And I have a tree that puts out tiny sweet apples!