Saturday, January 9, 2016

Comparison of Cheap Motels in Moscow, Idaho

So, sometimes I spend the night in town because I'm lazy or tired or it's icy or whatever.  It's in the budget.  The total cost so far has been less than rent each month.  We'll see if it lasts.

It has allowed me to sample 3 of the cheap motels in Moscow, Idaho.

The Royal Motor Inn
Well, it's turning into a boutique motel/hotel so it won't be cheap for that long.  In fact for no apparent reason the rate was raised on the rooms even those that haven't been upgraded by the new owners.  It is now nearly 70$/night, making it no cheaper than the other two options.

Close to downtown.  In fact, it's right downtown.
You can walk to the movies, restaurants, everything but the laundromat.
Cheap. 70$ or under
Has a fridge and microwave

No in room coffee
The light switches INSIDE the tub/shower surround seem unsafe
I could see a gap all the way around the door and the wind through said gap made it hard to keep the room remotely warm
The window blinds fall off at random causing the resident to be exposed
It's right downtown, by the bars and the highway so it's loud.
Wifi said to exist, but I have yet to successfully find/use it

It has had weekly and monthly rates but I've been told by the new management that as of March 2015 that will end.  We'll see.

The Palouse Inn (but now it's changing to a Motel 6)

Cheap. 70$ or just under.
Mediocre wifi
Off the main drag so it's quiet.
Pool, though it's outside and I've never used it so I can't speak to the quality of the pool
Guest laundry
If you eat fast food, it's right next to the motel
Coffee in the room
Continental Breakfast (don't know if this will continue as Motel 6 takes over)

Chilly rooms take forever to warm up
The laundry room was mostly out of service when I needed it
Staff varies widely in their level of competence
Rooms have parts missing, like the toilet handle
No tub
Too few outlets means that there are too many cords plugged into those that exist.

Idaho Inn
This place was rented as studio apartments so each room has a kitchenette

Good wifi
Cheap. 70$ or just under
Continental breakfast
Close to my storage unit (not a "pro" for everyone)
Lots of closet space
Iron and ironing board

RIGHT on the RR tracks so if you are upset by trains going by, that could be a challenge.  Personally I don't even hear them
Hard to get a room that doesn't require going up or down steps from the parking lot.
Wear and tear not always repaired (e.g. the black mold behind the toilet)
The fridge wasn't on when I arrived
NO literature in the room...don't know the check in/out time

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