Monday, September 7, 2015

O-Pads! A Great Idea

Of course I have not vetted this as to actual delivery rates etc, but it seems like a SUPER idea.

For a 20$ donation you can provide a young woman with a supply of re-usable menstrual pads.

What a great idea!   The struggle of girls in Uganda, where they are made, and in many places (say...Iowa were I grew up) with embarrassment over menstruation stains and spills and what not is grim.  Not to mention the ruined clothes. Then add to that the monthly expense in places where there is just not the money for it.  Women and girls can end up hiding out for the week.  That affects schooling, income, and freedom.  Makes me appreciate the GIANT Stayfree pads of my youth.  Sure, it looked like had a hoagie bun stuffed in the crotch of my skin tight Zena jeans, but at least I could go to school.  Of course, I shortly switched to tampons.  More "discrete" but still spendy.  I just dropped 20$ for decent tampons.  Someday I should calculate what I've spent.  But not today.

So, this woman developed the charity o-pads to get reliable menstrual pads to women.
Wilbur Sargunaraj (one of my favorite you-tubers) made this video with her:

First class! (as Wilbur would say).  More environmentally friendly than disposables and they are made from fabric scraps by women the founder knows so providing jobs as well.  They believe the 7 pad pack will last a woman 1 year.  I bet careful washing will make them last longer.  Very frugal.

(Also...Wilbur sells those pants and I seriously want some.)

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