Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rhubarb Raspberry Cobbler in the Solar Cooker!

This was fun...and delicious.

I admit I got cobbler mix at the dollar was easier.  I still had to stir in some fat and water (which was supposed to be milk but water worked fine).  Then it looked too runny so I threw on some corn starch.
The filling was local rhubarb and local raspberries from the Plummer farmers market.  I had already soaked the berries for shrub.  Yum.  So they were a bit tangy from the vinegar.  I had brown sugar already opened so that was the sweetener.

The cooker heated up fast on a SUPER sunny day yesterday.  And I baked it in about 40 min.  While baking I did leave the lid on the pan.  the pan is a small black enamel roaster.  Works really well in there.

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