Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cutting Back

Not on money, though you know I'm all in favor of that.

I'm involved in a variety of community groups.  One in particular has become less and less interesting to me.  There seems to have been "mission creep,"  where the original mission has gotten slightly changed.   So...given that this group pretty much sucks me dry as far as personal energy and that the focus is not so much what it once was, it's time for me to drop out.

This is more about simplicity than frugality.  It's important to spend one's time as carefully as one spends one's money.  I don't want to spend my time on something that doesn't seem worth it anymore.  Others are happy with the current focus so rather than me fighting them, and them fighting me, why not remove myself and save us all the time and effort?  Seems more efficient.

I try to be very careful before joining groups and once in, to give them a fair run.  I've been in this group for 3 years.  That seems fair.  that was the original commitment.

Another group is still under debate.  It's less and less interesting to me as it gets bigger and bigger.  I don't mind the small focused groups so much, but when what was a task oriented infrequent gathering becomes a dinner party with chat and no task, that really doesn't interest me.  With too many people, less gets done, at least in this case.

I'd rather use my time and effort toward my land, the groups that are still interesting and seem beneficial, and perhaps one new community project that is just once a year.   Once a year will mean a nice break for the rest of the year.  Breaks are good.

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