Monday, November 18, 2013

Thrifty Travel

OK, the THRIFTIEST travel is to stay home but that's not really what I'm about.  So, I'm going to do a little series on thrifty travel based on my recent trip with Mom (Hi Mom!) and Pam (Hi Pam) to DC for 10 days.   It was a blast and pretty dang thrifty.

Topics to be covered:
Packing:  ONLY a carry-on and keep that small enough to go under the seat in front of you. 
Choosing a place to stay:  we used to find a nice place, good price and with a washer/dryer (helps with the packing bit)
Sights, museums, eating, entertainment: Get the most bang for your buck
Souvenirs:  Do you need them?  (probably)
Getting there: This can be the toughest place to really make deep cuts in the travel budget without sacrificing time and enjoyment so balance may be a key consideration.

And there might be more.

The 10 days in DC were amazing and a pretty darn thrifty for the three of us.

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