Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Honesty is Slightly Less Frugal than Dishonesty...

Alas, I got free sox.  Really really good free sox.  BUT if I'd been dishonest I would have gotten free boots.   It was the threat of Beulah rising from the grave and flying out here on her broom that made me admit the free boots.

Anyway, here's the deal.  I ordered boots from the Keen's online store.  I couldn't find the model I like anywhere else so I copped to paying retail and I think you all know how painful that is for me.  I was all but barefoot so I decided to suck it up.
Well, the first shipment had screwy tracking and was late.  I called the customer service and the dude there couldn't figure it out either so fedexed another pair..  A day or two later the original boots show up.  Then the replacement boots show up.  The tracking on the first pair still showed them as lost.

Being honest, I just couldn't keep 150$ boots for free.  I emailed customer service (HOPING that no one would answer).   They did answer and sent a free return label and said they were sending me free sox.
The sox came fedex in a few days.  Nice.  The sox are worth about $17.00.   Not bad.  But less than the boots.  Still, nice to get free sox.

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