Friday, January 25, 2013

Most Excellent and Thrifty Movie

I watched a very cool Chinese film (obviously).
The Piano In A Factory.

It's about a couple who are divorcing.  The wife has hooked up with someone who makes more money and moved away, while the husband is staying in the same defunct industrial town making little cash.  He believes that his daughter will choose to live with the parent who can give her a piano.  Hijinks ensue.  There is, obviously, a theme about money and it's place in our lives.
To add to the fun, lots of Russian music.  Quite humorous really.

Since this DVD is from Film Movement (which someday someone will get me a subscription to....) it comes with a short film.  Noeud Cravat  (Necktie) about what we give up to climb the corporate ladder and whether it's worth it.  The cartoon is French, but there is no dialog so it doesn't matter.

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