Monday, July 23, 2012

A Frugal Icon has Passed

First, yes, I'm embarrassed that I read the HuffPo because it is utter crap...but my computer blocks most of and

ANYWAY: I'm sure I blogged out this guy in the past but I can't find the post.  Will put in a link if I do find it.

Herbert Vogel and his wife Dorothy are amazing art collectors who lived very simply and spent money on what they valued:  art and turtles.

They lived in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment in NYC.  They lived on Dorothy's salary as a librarian and spent his salary, he worked as a postal clerk, on art. Every inch of their apartment was stuffed with art. Great art. They bought what they loved and the over 5000 pieces now form the basis of many modern art collections around the US.  They donated it to the National Gallery (because it is free), which was unable to accept the entire collection due to curation and other costs, so much of it went to smaller museums and traveling exhibitions.  They could have been "rich" if they'd sold it, but they chose not to as they had no need for more money.  They hobnobbed and shared pet-sitting with Cristo and many other important modern artists.

The documentary about the couple: Herb and Dorothy.  2008.  Directed by Megumi Sasaki

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