Saturday, December 24, 2011


Cripes! It's been a month. I've been busy but not that busy. I've actually been working on puzzles I got from thrift stores. 1$ total for 3 really good puzzles. The first one was missing 6 pieces. The second, missing 3. I'm hoping the pattern is 3 fewer missing pieces each time, not that this last one will be missing 1.5 pieces (half the number of missing pieces each time).

Solstice report:
We had a LOVELY day on Solstice. It was bright and cold and sunny and crisp. Warm enough to be outside but cold enough to be wintery.

Christmas: OK, it's only Christmas Eve but close enough.
My plans: Stay in jammies all day and eat and do/finish the puzzle while watching videos. Should be the perfect day. So far I've received MANY tins and boxes of tea as gifts and am on a bit of a tea binge. I've had about 5 cups today. Didn't even bother making coffee. It's all delicious. I'm making the most of the lemon and lime slices I dried. So far, they are good in all the kinlibrary or through a cheap rental to stay with the theme of thrifty):

Sordid Lives. It's not about a holiday but it is about family dysfunction and features Olivia Newton-John as a trashy country singer.

A Christmas Story (obviously)

Atanarjuat. Not about Christmas but set in the snowy icy north, and hypnotizing.

Pieces of April. Also not about Christmas. It's about thanksgiving dinner and family dysfunction ( a theme developing?)

Fargo. Still not Christmas. It is set in North Dakota and Minnesota in the winter and features perhaps the most dysfunctional family of all on the list!

Clatterford (all three series). A Brit-com about life in a small town. A Christmas special is included, I think in series 1 or 2.

Two Fat Ladies (all series). More about food and one show features Christmas dinner.

That should get us all through the holiday.

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