Friday, November 11, 2011


OK, how does it get to be so long between blogs?

First, Subaru owes me a car. Say a newer model used car. One of my relatives (Hi Marcie) bought one and now my mother (Hi Sher) is considering one.
Mine has 267000 miles and is still running well (well, it was 20 minutes ago so I assume it's still running).

Second...I've been busy putting apples in jars and fermenting things on the counter. The first batch of kombucha was acceptable. I'm hoping for an improvement on the second batch which I started last night (along with the third batch). The vinegar that is brewing smells pretty boozy so it might be going through a hard cider phase before it gets to vinegar.

Third, someone asked what my oddest frugal practice is. At first I thought that I didn't have any odd practices. But I spent the morning with a "normal" person. She was trying to show me the fancy face washes and shampoos available at the local spa. They are lovely but I almost said "I don't wash my face or use shampoo" and realized that that is pretty wierd. Then she invited me to a fashion show. I noted that I don't buy my clothes retail. She said I could come for the wine...don't drink much wine. Turns out, I've got many odd habits that are overtly or accidentally frugal. Which is the oddest though? Who knows. Turning the water heater off every other day during warm weather? Shutting things off at the breakerbox when not in use (to avoid the constant "ready" light electrical usage? Changing all bulbs to CFLs? Waiting for thrift store clothes to go on sale because 4.99 is just too much for a shirt? Spending more on my shoes for the year than on all other clothes combined (bad shoes are not frugal)? I can't choose. It all seems logical to me but I suppose that is no defense against "odd."


Anonymous said...

Jill, I fear you are about 4 cats away from being the crazy cat lady at the end of the lane who makes booze in a still in the carport. But I always thought the crazy cat lady would be a pretty cool friend, provided I don't piss off the cats.

Fly Right said...

All your frugal habits probably seem odd to the non-frugal among us. For me, your weirdest thing is the no shampoo. But I'd have a bird's nest for hair if I didn't shampoo and use conditioner. It's a curly thing. And I LOVE bar soap. But I get it wholesale now, so that's not such a splurge anymore.

Jill said...

Thanks for the comments!

I just want to say that my hair was unmanageable and tangly when I used shampoo but not now. Still...the lack of shampoo I guess is pretty odd in this culture.