Sunday, September 25, 2011


OK, I know that is sideways but I can't be arsed to change it around. I'm getting complaints about not blogging enough. (Hi Sally!)

So that is a picture of the best deal EVER! See the price on it? $8.00. Well, I actually paid $2.00. What is it worth on the retail market?
75$ at ebay. 100$ at amazon. Seriously!
Lots of people gave them bad reviews, but for 2$, what the heck. A few said the charger burned up their devices. I charged my 5 year old phone and free ipod with it. If it burns up my devices, I'm not really out anything since they are old and/or free anyway. A few people at amazon give it good reviews. And they paid RETAIL. Losers.

I found it at St. Vincent de Paul's in Coeur d'Alene. It was in the dishroom. That room was 75% off that day. Cool.

Is it wrong to wait for sales at thrift stores? Does that make my purchases redundant? Thrift AND on sale? I just waited a week for a shirt at Goodwill to go on sale. I didn't want to pay an whole 4$! I mean really. 4$ for a shirt? I'm not made of money. I waited for that tag color to go on 50% off sale. I don't make special trips, just when I'm in town. Sometimes things get sold but oh well. That's just more savings.

At another thrift store in CdA, I got a pair of jeans for 50cents (they will fit as soon as I lose each thigh), and a shirt for 50cents which will go under the above shirt to make an outfit for an upcoming conference. Everything is "namebrand" for Idaho (columbia, eddie bauer, LL Bean, etc).

I also got 2 pairs of ALL COTTON jeans (you know how I feel about spandex in my jeans) at the CdA women's shelter thrift store. The wealthy middle aged women who just went back to California must have dropped them off. Sadly, most of these women have very short legs. I need a 32 inch inseam MINIMUM and most of the jeans were 28...and then hemmed. Who are these people? Chimps? No, if they were chimps the sleeves would be long enough for me and those are too short too. Anyway, if there are any beefy long limbed women in CdA looking to get rid of some all cotton jeans, you should totally call me. I'll pay up to 3$ a pair.

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