Monday, June 27, 2011


My Aunt Marcie and Uncle Jerry live at Cochiti Lake outside Santa Fe. There is a large wildfire very near by, the same one threatening Los Alamos National Lab. They've named it the Las Conchas fire. It's burned 43,000 acres in 14 hours. Pretty serious fire. They are on notice for "voluntary evacuation" but are still at their home.

She's sent out an email saying that packing for evacuation and thinking about the potential losses is making her evaluate what is important to her. Right now her choice is her collection of original artwork. It is a pretty amazing collection. I hope she can get it packed and stored...or better yet, the fire goes away and everyone gets to stay home and be fine.

Natural disasters suck.

Below is a map of the fire area, the red hashed blobs, from a satellite image of heat sources at 3:55am today. You can see Chochiti Lake is pretty close. The yellow circled "Cerro Grande" fire happened in 2000 and is just there for reference. I got this from

I guess if people lose things in a natural disaster that is "involuntary simplicity."

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Anonymous said...

Jill, I am so sorry to hear about these vents and feel so bad for all the lives affected down in that region. To just know that disaster is making its way toward everything you own and love and hold dear must be devastating. With a tornado, it usually comes out of nowhere. But with a hurricane/flood/fire, you can see disaster creeping up a foot at a time, practically. I hope your family will be OK.