Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Peas Are Up!

Sorry it's been ages again.

BUT the peas are growing! Of course we had a bit of hail today so maybe the peas WERE growing.

We had a couple of warm days and I put in most of the garden a while back.
Also showing growth are the tater buckets planted on May 1. I find potatoes oddly fascinating. You keep burying the growth and making them do it over. You'd think they'd get sick of it.

They lime thyme from last year is looking great. The mint from Sally (Hi Sally) is doing AMAZING and smelling delicious. The strawberry pot came back and now looks dead. It is a tease.

Some parsely is coming back from last year. I think it's a bienniel so I should probably plant some seeds this year again.

Spinach is up. Some lettuce or chard is up.

And a pot I forgot to label is doing very well. It's radishes or carrots or a green of some sort.

The walking onions suffered a setback when rain crushed the plastic down onto them so now they are open to the air and have to fend for themselves.

On June 1 or so, I'll plant the rest of the garden. I'm cutting back on tomatoes and sticking with the small hot peppers just in pots so I can bring them in when it gets too cold.

That is all for now.

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