Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Day OFF!!!

So, I was SUPPOSED to go to Missoula and meet Jeanne and Mariah (Hi Guys) BUT then I read the weather and road reports and while I could GET to Missoula, it didn't look like I could get back in time to be at work friday. If I'm not at work Friday I better be on my death bed because John would have to give presentations to 8th graders all day on his own and he would be pissed.

SO, I didn't go. I'm pouting. And I took the day off work anyway. It's always fun to be home when everyone else is at work. Like a snow day. Speaking of that, the storm only got apparent in the last couple of hours. It was fine this morning. Now we've had 2 or 3 snow downpours so I feel better about not going.

It has given me time to declutter the house a bit. Started the project this weekend after reading several blog posts by frugal types about how clutter costs you money. You lose crap and buy replacements or forget that you even have something. In cleaning out there has been one find that I had "replaced"...a humidifier. DOH! I think I got the replacement for 15$ about 5 years ago so it's not like it was a giant cost, but tucked in an unlabeled box in the bottom of a closet was a bigger, better humidifier that I totally forgot I had. Oh well. I've also found a few gloves, sox, and odds-n-ends. I won't need to buy a pen or pencil again before I croak.

And I've so far gotten a total of 3 big bags and 2 boxes of stuff to donate and a few boxes of things to sell possibly (0r donate when I don't get around to selling). I also took all the extra dishes and made a set of 10 place settings (minus cups/glasses) including cloth napkins to use for meetings where we serve food. I'm sick of watching the groups I'm in here promoting sustainability and etc chucking dozens of plastic or paper plates, bowls, and sporks. At least now we'll have a start on a good set of dishes to use. And by just using mine and taking them home to wash, if I ever DO have a dinner party, I'll have plenty of place settings.

If only Angela were here to help me with organizing the stuff I AM keeping. I've been bad at that in the past. The first stab will be to group like with like (one box for office supplies, one for correspondence supplies, one for financial records, etc) and write the date last sorted on it. It will be better than it was.

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