Monday, January 31, 2011

Interesting Frugality Item

Ever wondered how much value you are getting from your library use?
Check out THIS LINK.

On my first estimates, I "save" over 1800$/year by using the library. Actually, libraries. I'm an active use of 2 locations and many more via interlibrary loan. It's not that I would have bought all the books or movies. Or even rented all the movies. So it isn't really "savings" but it does mean that I've gotten about that amount of value for free. I suppose I'll be donating some $$ to my main libraries this year since I now know waht I'm getting out of it.

This will be a short post (from the Plummer Public library computers actually) as it is a gorgeous day and I have comp time built up so I'm headed outside.


Anonymous said...

Ii heart libraries as you know. Recently, I received a Kindle as a surprise birthday gift, and I'm not sure how to use it and be cheap at the same time :-) I so far have downloaded two free books (both by Jane Austin), so I like that aspect of it. However, do I see myself paying $12.95 for a book through Kindle that I can get for free at the library? I don't know about that.

Anonymous said...

OK, I need to amend my last comment. I just saw that Tina Fey has a memoir coming out in April for $12.95, and I am going to christen my Kindle with her book cuz I love her so. Plus, I have a $40.00 credit on Amazon, so it's practically freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Whatever it takes to rationalize me getting this book... Angela