Friday, May 14, 2010

Houston...We Have Potatoes

Well, not "potatoes" so much as evidence of potato plants being alive.
Maybe the title should be "IT'S ALIIIIIVE!"

I was checking out the garden after work today. Two of the potato buckets (one of which is a plant pot but that doesn't have the same ring as "bucket") have evidence of something growing in them. Leaves are coming up. Pretty exciting.

The peas I transplanted into the garden are not doing fabulous. One or two might live of the pack of 4 I got for $1.99. The parsley plant is doing OK and the parsley seed I planted with it seems to have taken. We'll see if it lives.

The two tomato plants and pepper plant I got a week or two ago are doing OK in the house. I'm planning on planting them outside tomorrow if it looks like the weather will hold. I don't want to over do the planting sine I need to be out of town next weekend, but still, I'm going to plant almost everything if I can get the plants to do it, and then work on a little greenhouse arrangement with the plastic and the wire fencing from last year. Here's hoping it will be OK.

If I can get a picture of the potato plants I'll post it. Today it would have just looked like areas of slightly different dark stuff in the dirt.

Now for a relaxing evening with Hedwig and the Angry Inch. A lovely film.

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