Sunday, March 14, 2010

Once again, it's been too long

Been a while again but here's what's going on:

I've got seeds either sprouting for the garden OR rotting in bags on top of the fridge. We'll see. The sourdough bread making is going well, but I'm getting fat from eating too much sourdough bread.

As for my two main "resolutions" for this year:
1) no industrial meat at the house...well, I screwed up once. I bought burger. It was organic, but it wasn't butchered by anyone I know. Still, once I had it home, I ate it rather than waste it.

2) no more buying salad dressing...this is because there were over a dozen bottles of out of date dressing in the fridge with about 2 servings out of each. Stupid. And wasteful. So, I'll just quit buying it. I have all the ingredients for any kind of dressing I'd want at the house most of the time so I can just make it. It takes like 30 seconds.

AND as an aside though not a resolution, I'm making all my fake milk now. Almond works well in general. Cashew needs a few more nuts per cup to make it milky enough. Hazelnut was very good in my home-made fake mocha this morning. It makes a nice foam and tastes hazelnutty.

And a few movie recommendations:

Precious...this is an amazing film and I can't believe the lead actress didn't get the oscar and Sandra Bullock did. I think maybe being an unknown, people may have thought that it Gabourey Sidibe was like the character she plays (abused girl from the ghetto). She's actually a college student who looks completely different, walks differently, talks's an amazing bit of acting. I hope she keeps acting, though she's not been a professional actress before. Monique (there is some apostrophe in there somewhere but I don't know where) played the second role and is also amazing. She did get an oscar and totally deserved it. Turns out the director is the same one who did Monster's Ball (another great film) and Shadow Boxing (which I haven't seen yet)

The Stoning of Soraya M. Great film about an incident in the 1980s in Iran, after we ousted the Shah that we'd previously installed. It is based on a true story which was smuggled out of Iran by a journalist. Even 20+ years after the event many actors were afraid to participate in the film as their families in Iran (the film is in Farsi despite being made by an American) would be in danger. They also do not reveal where it was filmed as the village used and the local participants could be in danger. Cripes! The acting and writing are good. It was worth listening to the commentary to find out that some of the less believable parts of the film (e.g. a circus showing up in the middle of a public sentencing and stoning) were true!

Sixty-Six. This is a nice little film from England that is not depressing. It reminded me a little of "A Christmas Story" and is the relatively true tail of director Paul Weiland's bar mitzvah (accidentally scheduled on the day of the World Cup soccer match in 1966...the only year England made it to the match). He apparently told the story at a 50th birthday party (attended by many big English stars like Helena Bonham Carter who plays his mother) and it was such a hit they told him he had to make a film.

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