Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cabin Campin' 'n Cookin'

Went camping in the cabin with Jeanne and the girls and the dogs for Thanksgiving. (Hi Jeanne and the girls and the dogs). It was lovely, though a tad warm for my taste. Almost 60 degrees the first day.

It's amazing how quiet is out there, even right next to a "highway" (which is closed in the winter a couple miles west of the cabin so only locals and hunters on it). We had fun cooking tons of stuff in the oven....chili-en-croute, pie, cinnamon rolls, and much much more. Not to mention the fudge factory in town. Lovely as usual, though I didn't get any fudge this time. I don't know why. It just didn't seem like fudge weather. We only had a few days and many things to cook so not much hiking got done, though a fine time was had by me. The others will have to speak for themselves.

I have photos, but I can't find my photo card reader so I can't download them. I need to dig a corner of the living room out so the landlord can take out the oil stove. Maybe it's in that pile of crap. If not, it's in a different pile of crap. One way or another, I'm sure crap is involved.

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