Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back From the Dead*

It's been quite a while. Things have been hectic and access to the interwebs has been limited.

So, I have the day off work to wait for a passport to arrive. Not my own. Anyway, it's not here and the fedex tracking number I was promised is not here. My head may explode.

To take my mind off the wait, I thought I'd mention the fabulous meta-thrift purchase I made last weekend.Value Village (that's "Savers" to some of you) had 2 books for sale that I've been wanting. Now if only the third would pop up somewhere. It is the "Tightwad Gazette" and the "Tightwad Gazette II". I'm pretty sure there is a TG III. I want it. These are hard bound editions. Interesting. Not a mark on them. Who ever bought them wasted their money so I was able to feel superior just by buying them. I got them for 3bucks each. They go for ______ on amazon.com.

I've already reworked my budget based on re-reading some advice (I've checked these books out of the library before...multiple times). I should be able to save 2000$/month once I'm back to a single rent. AND that is with 2400$/year for travel! Awesome. The only things I'm cutting back on are having a kid and paying a second rent. I've been splurging a bit lately on coffee and donuts (which is super obvious to those who see me live and in person since I'm fat and jittery). By saving that much, I basically earn one day of retirement for each day I work. Living on something less than half my takehome pay. Cool. There is cash in the budget for new tires, but not a new car or a new front end. If those things happen, they need to come out of the travel budget. DAMN.

I'm trying to figure out if I can live without a landline. The cell phone is more flexible so would keep that and kill the landline if anything. Have any of you tried life without a landline? More specifically, have any of you who can run your mouth as much as me tried life without a landline? I'm thinking of getting internet access at the trailer if I give up the landline. Would skype substitute for a landline? How does one skype?

So many questions. Anyway. Nice to see that if El Kid makes it to Japan (see above passport wait reference), I will be able to save some more money again. Land prices are pretty stable here and there are some pretty interesting pieces for sale. I figured if I can buy land without a loan and go live on it with no rent or utility bills, I can live on about 1/3 or even 1/4 my take home pay. I could quit working someday. That would be lovely. I did warn El Kid that upon his return in a year, if he lives with me it may be in a mud hut and pooping in a hole in the ground.

Maybe if I go lean on the front door with my forehead pressed to the window the passport will come faster.... Of course, there is a chance it hasn't been shipped yet. We have until 5am Thursday. Why panic at 1pm Tuesday?

*title is a Spinal Tap reference. I was not actually dead.

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