Monday, April 28, 2008

What more lifestyle can I deflate?

So, where do I go from here?

For the moment, I do need to maintain the 2 homes and commute to work.

But there must be some areas I can still cut back.

I'm thinking of selling or donating my truck. I bought it last year as...well...a midlife crisis purchase. I work outdoors in tough conditions and thought that a 4-wheel drive would save some time getting to field sites in muddy and other rough conditions. It didn't. It's old and crap and it got vapor lock when it was hot, took forever to warm up when it was cold, and was so heavy it sank in the mud anyway. I was still walking about the same number of miles and now I was sitting in a truck more too. So after a few months, I parked it and eventually the battery died. Now it's just sitting there. I don't want to saddle someone else with such a stupid vehicle. I suppose donating will be the way to go. I've procrastinated on this for too long. My excuse is that I can't find the title. The reality is I've barely looked and could have gotten a replacement title many times over in the time this thing has been putting a grease spot in my driveway.
I'm now setting the goal of finding the title or applying for a replacement by the end of May. Then, I will decide to sell or donate.

Eating more vegetarian meals will help too. I'll make a point of at least one fully vegetarian day a week. That will cut my impact on the earth and is a good way to practice for my future life off grid when I will likely be eating a lot of beans! I want to quit working and live off grid doing basic subsistence farming/gardening/gathering. I'll have no choice but to keep it cheap then.

I think those two goals are enough for now. If I set too many, I just end up forgetting or letting them go.

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